RAT SPARK, Pilsung ATA Martial Arts

Rank Advancement Training (RAT) Camp

Monday July 10th

Summer can be tough on attendance…

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on that next belt!!

2 Hours of Training Just $35 Per Student

Sessions for both Beginner and Advanced Level are available!

Space will be limited, plan now for your future success!

July 7th

August 11th


July 12th-14th!

Check your Email for Official Invite and Registration Link

ALL Tigers: FRIday, 5:00pm

    Beginners: Wed 5:00 OR Thurs 5:30

Advanced:  Wed 5:45 OR Thurs 6:30pm

  Black Belts: Red/Black with Adv on Thursday

Attend extra classes, get Private Lessons, or attend RAT Camp to be ready for Graduation.

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