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In the midst of your busy schedule, it’s important to make time for yourself

Our adult martial arts program will help you get fit, while equipping you with the tools you need to lead a more balanced life.


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13 & Up

Adult Martial Arts

Stress Reduction is critical to long term health

Pilsung ATA Martial Arts Most teens and adults come to us looking for ways to reduce stress levels. They understand, either directly or indirectly, that it is the stress they carry with them every day that is keeping them from being as healthy as they wish to be. While there are many pharmaceutical and other solutions, martial arts practice in our teen and adult program with the exercise, friendly and supportive environment and confidence building properties reduce stress like no other option!


A stressed-out body cannot develop better long term health levels!

Do you crave a better way to get into shape?

Relax and come see us! Going to a gym and working out can actually be a stressful activity. Seeing those who are more fit than you, being on your own to figure out how to get into shape and over-crowding can make getting a workout stressful!


Join us for a stress-reducing workout, one guided by caring experts. Practicing martial arts with us is fantastic way to help build a strong, toned and flexible body!

Looking for the keys to success?

Most of us, if we were honest, could use help being more successful.....

Let us help you find that path to greater success!

Training with us is a great way to develop better focus, determination and other personal skills critical to reaching greater levels of success in every walk of life.

Let us help you become everything you wish to become in life!

Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym
and start working out with a purpose

Martial arts helps you take control of your mind and body, while equipping you with self-defense skills that could save your life.


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