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Violence in our communities

Violence in our communities, a reality not to be ignored

Posted: April 05, 2019

Yet another report of violence in our schools landed in my Facebook Feed today.  Sad.


8-year-old boy at school slashes other students with knife


SAUK RAPIDS, Minn. (AP) - An 8-year-old student took a kitchen knife to a central Minnesota elementary school and randomly attacked three other children Monday, authorities said.

Picture: Dave Schwarz/St. Cloud Times via AP


Fortunately this incident was "mild" in nature, the outcome was three kids with "superficial wounds".  It could have been worse. Much worse.

Do not be fooled by the choice of weapon, a knife is just as deadly as a gun.  In the five minutes he reportedly had to attack other kids he could have done far worse than the three minor wounds. 

The report does not give a reason for this child's choice to bring and use the knife against fellow students.  And that reason is not important to us.  His reasons, and his choices, are something he and his parents will need to sort out and seek help for in the coming days.  What is important is that it illustrates that the "anti-gun" laws and "gun free" zones are not going to stop the potential for violence and injury in our schools, or places of employment.

What is needed is a focused effort to bring Self-Control, Respect, Courtesy and other essential Life Skills back into our common vocabulary and practice. Whether it be working with Bullies and adults who harrass others or those who are targeted, work needs to be done to eliminate the need for legislation and litigation. If the goal is to stop the violence the focus must be on the causes not the tools.  Nothing will change until we see a fundamental change in how we treat each other on a human level.  When Respect and Self-Control return to the way we behave, and model for our children, we will finally see a drop in school and workplace violence.

Unfortunately it seems it is only a matter of time before we are each personally touched by the ongoing violence in our society.  We need to be doing more to help ourselves and our children be prepared for the "worst case scenario".   Get involved in Martial Arts Training.  For kids, get them involved in a program that focuses on concepts such as Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control and Discipline, that builds Self-Esteem and Confidence and gives them the knowledge and skills to defend themselves when violence happens. For adults, get into a program that builds awareness, understanding of the reality of violence in action and solid self-defense skills.  For both kids and adults, make sure the program you choose teaches students how to deal with bullying and harrassment.