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Pilsung ATA

Snapshots of the Martial Arts Life

The Life of a Martial Artist

Posted: April 11, 2017


The pictures in the collage are between 2 and 6 years old.  What they represent is timeless.

We do a lot of “crazy” things as part of our school.  We take Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates out into the woods every year for Black Belt Camp. We host a Christmas Skating Party and Pot Luck. We hold special events like the Pilsung ATA-zing Race, Tiger Easter Workout and Egg Hunt, the Annual Family Picnic and many others. We go hang out with local Preschoolers and workout with local Elementary Schools.  We support, and clown around a bit with, our local Fire Department. We support a number local charity organizations and collect everything from canned goods to blankets, often making it a contest for the students to encourage teamwork and creative thinking.

All of these things we do for one reason…

The Martial Arts are about living. 

Our students need to know this, understand this and exhibit this in their own lives.  The “extra-curricular” activities offered to our students are designed to help them build stronger friendships, stronger characters and a stronger sense of community.

Could we run a successful martial arts school without these “extras”?      Yes. 

  • There are plenty of martial arts schools around us that do little or nothing more than opening their doors and running generic classes.  Some of them might even try to teach Life Skills and advertise “character development”.  Without the extra effort to give their students the ability to ACT on those lessons and LIVE those principles in a meaningful way they are simply not delivering on their promises.

Would it be easier?    Yes.

  • Planning, Organizing, Executing (and cleaning up after) these activities and training opportunities takes time and effort.  This might just be the reason why these other schools don’t “go the extra mile”, it takes effort. We believe that in every aspect of life you “get out of it what you put into it.”

Would  we have as much of an impact on the lives of our students and the health of our community?    No.

  • Leadership is about making a lasting impact, in a positive way, on those around you.  The concept of Legacy is creating something that makes it possible for your positive impact to last well beyond your involvement in the effort.  Through training and these types of “extra-curricular” activities we not only make a positive impact in our community, we create a legacy of care through our students and their continued efforts.

Martial Arts are about so much more than "punching and kicking".  The best way to live is to train for life!