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Preschool Lessons, Long Term Impact

Posted: April 07, 2017

The Staff of Pilsung ATA Martial Arts believes that a child’s total well-being, both mental and physical, should be strengthened simultaneously. Obviously martial arts training can provide a host of physical well-being benefits.  What is not always so clear is how that same class also improves emotional health and mental strength of the child when they engage with their instructor and classmates on the mats.

Here are just a few of the benefits of martial arts training for your pre-school child:

  • Focusing and Listening – We all know Focus plays a key role in the success of both children and adults.  When we start a child on the path towards a mindset of “willing focus and listening” we are preparing them for a life of success.  The younger this process of learning begins the more impact these skills can have in their life.  There is a “learning curve” to becoming a better listener and a more focused student and a good martial arts Instructor can help all children, regardless of their “diagnosis” of ADD, ADHD or other attention issues.  It starts by understanding that children all have limited attention spans at this stage in their life. Our Programs and Instructors will build their attention span, helping your child learn to listen closely and focus on the task at hand.
  • Teamwork and Positive Social Interaction – Positive Social Interaction, with both peers and authority figures, and Teamwork are cornerstones of early childhood development.  In the Pre-School Years they develop the ability to work with others, building self-confidence and the ability to demonstrate both courtesy and respect. In our Pre-School Classes we model a proper Team Environment and help our students learn to work together to have fun as they reach higher levels of success.
  • Self-Control and Good Decision Making – Self-control refers to the ability to keep one’s self “on task” and avoid inappropriate behaviors.  Pair this with the ability to make wise choices and select actions and behaviors that will lead to success and you have the recipe for a great life!  These skillsets are a part of every class at Pilsung ATA Martial Arts.  Using the best training and teaching methods available our Instructors help our students develop an internal drive to make better decisions and act with self-control.
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence – Self-Esteem is the foundation upon which all other Life, Success and Self-Defense Skills are built.  When a child does not feel that they have worth, that they are not “worth the effort”, they will not make an effort.  Without the Emotion there is no Motion.  To help a child become more Focused, more Respectful or better able to handle the challenges of young life, like Bullying, we first start by building up their self-esteem, or the extent to which they value themselves and are willing to make an effort to help themselves.  Our Youth Programs also seek to improve a children’s confidence through consistent positive verbal reinforcement and our Life Skill & Learning Stripe reward system. When kids work to earn their next belt level, not only are they learning basic world-class physical skills, they are building self-esteem and learning to feel good about themselves.
  • Memorization and Retention – At Pilsung ATA Martial Arts, we utilize fun and effective drills designed to enhance both the retention of material being taught and the student’s ability to memorize skills and information in general.  By encouraging memory development through fun and engaging drills we can teach children to enjoy the process of learning and remembering what they have learned.  They then apply this same mindset to schoolwork and other activities, making the martial arts lesson a more meaningful “life lesson” that will make all the difference in the future.

Those are only the “Top 10” of the many amazing benefits of martial arts training for Pre-School Aged kids!

Others include: Anti-Bullying Education, Respect, Responsibility, Stranger Awareness and Personal Safety, Physical Fitness and Healthy Living, Coordination and Motor Skills, Integrity, and Loyalty.

Probably the most important aspect of martial arts training for this age group is the fact that all learning is done while the child is simultaneously Smiling, Laughing and Having Fun! – Kids, especially at this impressionable age, learn faster when they are having fun. This is one reason why some other types of Pre-School Education fail to deliver meaningful development in students… they have lost the element of fun!


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