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Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Attitudes Foster Self-Esteem

Posted: January 24, 2018

So, how does helping a child, or anyone, develop a positiive attitude make it more likely they will grow in self-esteem?  The answer lies in the changes in response people with positive attitudes have to thier world and the challenges they encounter.

Self-esteem is the feeling of confidence and the idea that we are capable of achieveing anything we put our mind to doing.  Having a positive attitude plays a large part in that ability.  Imagine seeing everything that "goes wrong" as a negative.  Even when something goes "right" you still feel it is only "the way it should be" and therefore only neither positive or negative.  Living this way leaves little room to grow from our experiences and build the confidence needed to pick ourselves up after things go against our expectations. When a person approaches life with a positive attitude, even the times that fail to meet their expectations, they become more confident in their ability to accomplish their goals.  They see the opportunities that are presented in every experieince, both positive and negative.

Operating from a focus on the positive in every situtation allows a person to learn and grow.  Instead of the urge to retreat and "lick their wounds", a person who lives with positive attitude sees the opportunity to learn and gorw in knowledge and ability.  Becoming more resilient and able to overcome challenges and failures can create a strong sense of self-satisfaction.  A person with a strong positive attitude is able to find satisfaction in what they learned and their new found ability to deal with setback.  The opportunity to experience increased satisfaction,even in the face of tough times, makes a positive attitude important to satifying the second part of the Merriam-Webster definition, "... and satisfaction in oneself."

Helping a person become more positive, more ready to see the opportunities in every situation, is an important step in the process of helping them develop stronger self-esteem.  When they begin to feel the added confidence and satisfaction derived from handling even the worst situations with a focus on potential positive results they will be boosting their self-esteem!