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Meditation to Calm Misbehavior

Meditation Instead of Punishment?

Posted: January 31, 2017


As a conventional method of punishment, most students are sent to detention, subjected to undesirable after-school activities, or even suspended when they do something wrong. That’s how a Baltimore elementary school, Robert W. Coleman, used to do things before they discovered a new, healthier way to approach “discipline.”

Partnering with the Holistic Life Foundation, the school now employs the Mindful Moment program to instead teach kids to wind down, reflect, and breathe in tough situations. When students are misbehaving, they send them to the Mindful Moment room for “individual assistance with emotional self-regulation.”

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Meditation has always been a part of martial arts training.  It isn't always the tradtional notion of meditation that most of us in the west see in our minds when we hear the word.  You know, that picture of a person sitting, or lying down, perfectly still and silent, eyes closed.  Some of the most meaningful meditation is done as what is known as "moving meditation".  While almost any activity can become a form of meditation, martial arts is especially effective for kids as they navigate the adventure called "growing up".  While they engage the body in healthy movement their minds can be engaged in development of stronger Life and Success Skills, creating the perfect situation for complete learning and development. 

Meditation to Calm Misbehavior

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