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Martial Arts Training: Creating a Better Future for the World

Posted: August 15, 2019

The story below was emailed to me just a few years ago.  While the themes have changed over the years, it is a story that I have heard repeated many times in my career as a martial arts instructor. The story, and all those like it demonstrate the real benefits of martial arts training for our students and the World at large.

What you are about to read is a story of the impact people training in the martial arts can have on our World. 

Please note:  Names and personal details have been edited out of the original email to preserve privacy and protect the minors involved in the story.

A few weeks ago while walking to class our son noticed a girl at her locker crying, while he also noticed hundreds of kids, even a teacher walking by and  no one stopped. He turned around and asked her what was wrong and was she ok? She told him quite strongly don’t worry about me, go away, I do not want help. Well if you know our son he was determined to help her.  He then went to class and found her number and started texting her.  After much persistence she began to share that she wanted to end her miserable life and shared that she was abused from the time she were a toddler and even though she now was in a foster home she just could no longer live with what she had gone through. It was just too painful to live with and she planned to end her life.

Our son continued to text her all day and throughout the night (without telling anyone, not even us). He told her how beautiful of a person she was and that he would miss her if she were gone. He continued to let her share her issues while he continue to be very positive and reassuring that she could be strong and fight this feeling. He continued to tell her that she was special and that he and many others needed her. After many conversations texting and meeting at school he was able to convince her to give life a second chance and begin her future today not from when she were 3 years old.

Last week, this young lady posted a great big "THANK YOU" for all to see.  She met our son in the hall and gave him a tear filled hug and said ”you saved my life!”

Most will never know how very close she came to ending her life (she and our son have never told anyone). A few [at the school] found out and soon several students were coming up to our son with hugs and tears and thanking him for saving the life of a classmate. Even a teacher he had never spoken to came up and told him how very cool his actions were, that he was so proud of him and thanked him for caring and helping a student in need.

Our son continues to send her texts “Hey pretty girl or you matter to me”.  She told him they will be “forever friends” now that she has a future to look forward to and she told him she is happy for the first time that she remembers thanks to him.

We are sharing this with you because he, who always was a very caring kid, has learned so much at his ATA Martial Arts School becoming a Black Belt, reinforcing his personal determination to care about others. Although our son is still a very private person he is standing proud that he actually made a difference. He told us he wanted to be defined by his personality not a GPA. What used to be a shy boy now has become a very confident young man.

We knew you too would be very proud of the young man he has become.

Thank you for all you do!

Proud Parents

These stories are an incredible example of the positive impact training in the martial arts can have on both the student and their world.  Not only has this young man's time and experiences in the martial arts changed his life for the better, it has directly benefited many others through just one act of Black Belt Kindness and Concern.  His increased confidence and determination to "do the right thing" in his life has touched, and changed, the life of someone who has not trained and her family and friends in incredible ways. 

Well done Sir, well done!