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5 Tips for Helping Your Children Develop Lasting Self-Esteem

Posted: January 10, 2018

Self-est*eem (n.): A confidence and satisfaction in oneself. (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Notice that the definition given be Merriam-Webster does not use the word VALUE? Self-Esteem, arguably the basis for all positive emotion, should have nothing to do with the value one sees in oneself.  Instead, as parents, mentors, coaches, and educators, we should be looking to enhance a child's confidence and levels of satisfaction in what they do.  One way to accomplish these goals is to get them involved in the community.  Helping them find positive ways to integrate into the community will ensure healthy development and a strong sense of self-esteem. 

The Life of a Martial Artist

Posted: April 11, 2017


The pictures in the collage are between 2 and 6 years old.  What they represent is timeless.

We do a lot of “crazy” things as part of our school.  We take Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates out into the woods every year for Black Belt Camp. We host a Christmas Skating Party and Pot Luck. We hold special events like the Pilsung ATA-zing Race, Tiger Easter Workout and Egg Hunt, the Annual Family Picnic and many others. We go hang out with local Preschoolers and workout with local Elementary Schools.  We support, and clown around a bit with, our local Fire Department. We support a number local charity organizations and collect everything from canned goods to blankets, often making it a contest for the students to encourage teamwork and creative thinking.

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