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Confidence: Cornerstone of Self-Esteem

Posted: January 17, 2018

Self-Esteem begins with confidence.  It is difficult to help a person grow in self-esteem if we do not first understand how to build that person's confidence in themselves. So, what is confidence? How do we help a person build this important life skill? More imortant than these questions is the question of why.  Why is confidence so important to the development of self-esteem?  Let's dig a bit deeper...

Confidence is believing in ourselves and our ability to succeed. As Martial Arts Instructors and Coaches we look to find the "little personal victories" that will help each of our students begin to believe in themselves. With each small victory, each technique learned and done correctly comes a boost in confidence.  Students quickly become more confident in all aspects of life through the successful experiences they have on the mats.  As their confidence grows they begin to feel the satisfaction in their own abilities.

Confidence and self-esteem do not grow over night. The development of strong confidence and lasting self-esteem takes time and repetition.  To improve any of our skills we must practice that skill.  It is in this repetition, the act of repeating the skill correctly over and over again that we ceate a habit.  This includes believing in ourselves, one victory is not enough.  Self-Esteem, and the cornerstone of confidence, require repeated reinforcement to become a natural habit of believing.  Helping a person develop confidence and self-esteem starts by getting them involved in activities and situations that give them the opportunity to have those "little personal victories" repeatedly.  Building strong confidence, like building strong muscles, is done through both repetition and slowly increasing the "weight" of the challenge.

5 Tips for Helping Your Children Develop Lasting Self-Esteem

Posted: January 10, 2018

Self-est*eem (n.): A confidence and satisfaction in oneself. (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Notice that the definition given be Merriam-Webster does not use the word VALUE? Self-Esteem, arguably the basis for all positive emotion, should have nothing to do with the value one sees in oneself.  Instead, as parents, mentors, coaches, and educators, we should be looking to enhance a child's confidence and levels of satisfaction in what they do.  One way to accomplish these goals is to get them involved in the community.  Helping them find positive ways to integrate into the community will ensure healthy development and a strong sense of self-esteem. 

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