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Generosity: The Missing Element In Society?

Posted: February 19, 2018

I have a question for you.  When was the last time you saw a true act of Generosity?

Remember, Generosity is the act of giving without expecting anything in return... 

Doing something kind or giving to create a "photo op" or on video for later posting to Youtube, Facebook or other social media does not, in my mind, qualify as an act of generosity.  Those acts, while nice, are beiing done for recognition, to gain the 'giver' a social media ego boost and gain them some measure of "fame".  They gave with a self-serving purpose. 

So, again, when was the last time you witnessed an act of true generosity?  A person leaving a surprise gift for someone else? An anonymous donation to help someone? Simply lending a hand to help a person or group without so much as signing their name or using more than their first name as introduction?  

This is the missing element in our society today.  Everyone is out for themselves.  Even the "acts of generosity" we see are quite often tainted by the desire to be famous and gain "fans" and online "friends".  We must teach our children the real meaning of generosity.  When we help our children, the next generation of leaders, the true meaning and power of generosity we are setting them up for success far beyond our own.  We are also giving the solid emotional base they need to avoid the pitfalls of behavior that plague our current leaders: immorality, greed, vanity, and self-serving dishonesty.

How, you might ask, does being truely generous help a person learn to avoid the negative behaviors and choices being made by many in our society today? By giving the solid foundation of Self-Esteem required for a more successful and fullfilling life.  Self-Esteem is the act of believing in yourself and your ability. In this case, believing in our ability to positively effect the world around us.  More importantly it is the belief that we can make a difference and feel SELF-satisfied, not needing the gratification of social media exposure or other forms of "fame" for our actions.  

The picture is of our Trick Kick Camp running today.  One of the lessons these young people are learning is how to do big kicks.  They are also learning that they can make a difference in each other's lives, and the lives of their classmates in both their martial arts and academic classes.  They are seeing, through the drills and activities, how their choices and actions can effect everyone in the room, not just themselves. Some of the most amazing lessons are taught not by lecture, but by experience. The best lessons are those that are lived, an experience that is offered to every student who walks out onto the mats.  These youngsters are building self-esteem and many other critical life skills... and they don't even realize it!

Regardless of what method you decide is best for your child, make sure they are learning to show true generosity in their lives!